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About ABOC

The Brånemark Association Osseointegration Center (ABOC) was established with a mission to provide exceptional treatment for patients with severe oral, maxillofacial, and orthopedic challenges. The center prioritizes patient care and has developed a strong foundation based on tissue handling, biological processes, and Osseointegration principles. The concept of Osseointegration has been globally embraced as the preferred solution for rehabilitating severely compromised patients, with BOC playing a significant role in its widespread adoption. The center offers cutting-edge treatments and a compassionate approach, striving to enhance patients' quality of life through Osseointegration excellence.


Continued basic and clinical research in the field of osseointegration has led to the discovery of numerous additional indications and modifications of clinical procedures. As the usage of osseointegration has expanded, there have been multiple additions, changes, and simplifications of components and instruments used in clinical applications.

The research and development efforts have been greatly enriched by the valuable input from researchers and clinicians worldwide, along with the involvement of commercial entities. This collaboration has contributed to a significant increase in knowledge in the field.

To further promote international collaboration and prioritize patient care and biological principles, the Association of Brånemark Osseointegration Centers (ABOC) was established. This unique collaboration is built on mutual respect and formal agreements, encompassing various projects and services. The patient-centric approach and shared understanding of clinical and biological aspects serve as guiding principles amidst the diverse array of commercial offerings and advancements in hardware.

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